The Guelph School of Language offers tutoring and private lessons for all ages; although we specialize in Adult Education. Private lessons and tutoring are currently available for the following themes and areas:

  • Beginner French
  • Intermediate French
  • Advanced French
  • French writing
  • French reading
  • Beginner Italian
  • Intermediate Italian


Language assessments are free and are no-obligation. Book your language assessment (in French or Italian) with Dillon March at


Below are the rates for private lessons and tutoring. The student and the teacher can agree on how long each lesson will be. There is no minimum or maximum length for a┬átutoring/private lesson. There is no minimum or maximum amount of tutoring/private lesson sessions. You can choose to sign for as few or as much tutoring/private lesson sessions that you’d like. Prices are listed as hour blocks, but they can be divided as the student and instructor see fit.

Private Lessons

$40 for 1 hour

$175 for 5 hours ($35/hour lesson)

$320 for 10 hours ($32/hour lesson)

$600 for 20 hours ($30/hour lesson)

Semi-Private Lessons (Price for each participant)

$50 for 1 hour

$225 for 5 hours ($45/hour lesson)

$420 for 10 hours ($42/hour lesson)

$800 for 20 hours ($40/hour lesson)


The Guelph School of Language also offers tutoring to University of Guelph students for the following language courses:


  • FREN*1090: Basic French: Reading
  • FREN*1100: Basic French: Listening
  • FREN*1120: Basic French: Writing
  • FREN*1150: Elementary French
  • FREN*1200: French Language I
  • FREN*2020: France: Literature and Society
  • FREN*2030: French Language II
  • FREN*2060: Quebec: Literature and Society
  • FREN*2500: French Translation I
  • FREN*2520: French Composition I
  • FREN*3230: Structure of French
  • FREN*3080: Pre-Revolutionary French Literature


  • ITAL*1060: Introductory Italian I
  • ITAL*1070: Introductory Italian II
  • ITAL*2090: Intermediate Italian


Please contact me at for rates regarding tutoring for University of Guelph courses.